Amaryllis can be planted from November until April and will take 8-10 weeks to bloom. Most Amaryllis will bloom slightly after Christmas and through New Year. Certain varieties will reliably bloom at Christmas, check which variety you have if you need them to bloom at a specific time.

Planting - Select a container with drainage that is about an inch bigger around than the width of the bulb. Place a small amount of gravel in the base of the container. Position the bulb so that approximately half of the bulb is exposed above the top of the soil. Very lightly water to settle the soil, but do not over water. Place in a warm shaded location about 70-75 degrees until the bud begins to develop. Once the bud is developing move to a cooler location with bright indirect light, and water regularly. In full bloom cool night temps around 50-degrees will help extend the life of the bloom. Like Paperwhites, Amaryllis may be forced in a dish of pebbles, or a bulb vase. Keep water level just below the base of the bulb to prevent rotting. Remember to save your bulbs for next year! Amaryllis can be grown on and forced again the following year.