There are three ways that Paperwhites can be grown indoors.

Soil - Fill a small pot with good potting media placing the bulb just below the surface of the soil, water thoroughly and allow to drain. Place in a cool area 55-60 degrees for 2-3 weeks to encourage root development. As the stems emerge transfer to a 70-degree room in bright light. Rotate the pot every few days to keep stems straight. As blooms begin to open transfer to a cooler location to prolong the life of the flower. Keep soil lightly moist.

Pebbles - Gently add a thin layer small stone or glass pebbles into a decorative container without drainage. Place bulbs on top of the pebbles then add another thin layer pd pebbles to hold them in place. Keep 1/3rd of the bulb above the top of the pebbles. Add water until it barely reaches the base of the bulb. Maintain water at this level to prevent bulb rot. Follow the same directions as above for temperature and placement. o Paperwhites can become top heavy with this method. Spread the holiday cheer and use a 7 parts water to 1-part vodka. The alcohol will slightly stunt the growth of the stems without affecting the blooms.

Water - Slightly trickier than the above two methods, but worth the effort for the elegant display of roots. This method does require a special forcing vase. Arrange a collection of vases for a posh and sophisticated look. Place one bulb in a vase and fill until water barely reaches the base of the bulb. Tall forcing vases will help support the long stems, but if you have a shorter vase use the above alcohol solution to stunt the growth. Follow the same directions as above for temperature and placement.