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Hemerocallis fulva 'Kwanso'

Tawny Daylily

A naturally occurring variety of the tawny daylily (H. fulva), ‘Kwanso’ is a beautiful diploid daylily with fully double, orange flowers (to 5”) on naked stems (scapes) that typically rise to 4’ tall! It is also a superb colonizer and quite vigorous, though less so than the straight species.

Fully double flowers
Quite adaptable, hassle free
Grows to 4' tall!
Height: 3-4 Feet
Spread: 4 Feet
Zone: 3-10
Color: Orange

Tawny Daylily Characteristics & Attributes

Part Shade
Soil Moisture Needs
Good Drainage
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Nature Attraction
Growth Rate
Salt Tolerant
Perennial Border
Mass Planting
Specimen Planting
Drought Tolerant
Roadside Planting
Accent Plant
Dry Sun
Detention Basin
Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips for Tawny Daylily

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Does well in a wide range of well-drained soils. Deadhead spent flowers daily for neatness and remove scapes (or flowering “stems”) when flowers have completed bloom. Divide to maintain vigor when the clumps become overcrowded. A tough plant that is tolerant of poor soil, summer heat and humidity. ~Kemper Center

Diseases are few and far between, particularly if soil is relatively well drained. Propagate by dividing into plantlets with a single fan of leaves in early spring or fall. ~Allan Armitage

Interesting Notes

Daylilies derive their common name from the fact that each flower lasts but for a single day. Though the lives of individual flowers are quite short, the continual succession of new flowers opening each day make for a long and cheerful show. This cultivar is considered synonymous with the names Hemerocallis fulva var. flore pleno and Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso and is frequently sold under those names.

Daylily flowers and buds have long been considered a delicacy in Asian cuisine. The only downside of preparing dishes from the buds is that at least some of the season’s floral show has to be sacrificed. However, by planting extra daylilies in your garden, you can both enjoy the beauty and taste of the delectable flowers without guilt.