Bring In Your Houseplants.

Tips for a Happy Transition.


  • It's time to bring in houseplants before the nights get any cooler.


  • Gather the plants you wish to bring inside to one spot near your hose. This makes cleaning pots and plants easier.


  • Now is the time to repot if the plants will be rootbound in their current pots this winter.


  • Remove any decaying leaves or branches where insects like to hide. You can even scrape off the top inch or two of soil to be sure that all insect eggs are being left outside as well.


  • Wash your plants with a gentle soap that does not contain any detergents like Dr. Bonner's liquid soap. Use a spray bottle and dilute the soap using 1 Tbsp of soap to 1 QT of water. Be sure to check the leaf's underside for insects as well.


  • Give your plants a good soak before bringing inside.


  • Often houseplants respond to the decreased humidity by dropping some leaves when they come inside for the winter so don't be alarmed.


  • Light is reduced in the fall both outside and inside so put your plants in the brightest light available but not direct light unless they are succulents. Plants will need less water living inside so water carefully.


Take time to enjoy your beautiful plants!