Acer saccharum

Sugar Maple

Sugar maple has a dense, rounded crown and is one of the trees responsible for giving New England its reputation for spectacular fall color, as the medium green leaves turn brilliant yellow or red-orange in autumn. The familiar two-winged "helicopter" fruit is a favorite food of chipmunks, and they store it away in winter larders. This is a long-lived tree that grows relatively slowly.

Birds and other mammals eat the seeds
Provides excellent cover and nest sites for all types of birds
One of the best shade trees
Outstanding fall color
Height: 60-70 Feet
Spread: 50-60 Feet
Zone: 4-8
Color: Red

Sugar Maple Characteristics & Attributes

Part Shade
Soil Moisture Needs
Good Drainage
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Early Spring
Nature Attraction
Specimen Planting
Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips for Sugar Maple

Plant in full sun to part shade. Tolerates shade well.


Prefers well-drained, moderately moist, fertile soil.

Excessively dry soil This is a big tree so give it plenty of room to reach full size.

Interesting Notes

Native Americans taught the early colonists how to tap these trees to make maple syrup that has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. and Canada.

Distribution Map