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Photo Credit: http://em.ca/garden/per_alyssum_wulfenianum.html

Alyssum wulfenianum


A wonderful spreading plant for the rock garden that is covered in bright yellow flowers in June. Grows only about 5-8” tall and up to 20” wide. Flowers produced in prostrate corymbs. Semi-evergreen, procumbent habit makes this an ideal specimen for any hot, dry nook, especially in rock gardens, wall gardens, along sidewalks, or in containers.

Masses of bright yellow in June
Ideal for rock gardens, troughs
Shear after flower for best results
Deer resistant
Height: 5-8 Inches
Spread: 20 Inches
Zone: 3-9
Color: Yellow

Madwort Characteristics & Attributes

Full sun to part shade
Soil Moisture Needs
Good Drainage
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Late Spring / Early Summer
Nature Attraction
Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Growth Rate
Mass Planting
Accent Plant
Dry Sun
Rock Garden
Perennial Border
Drought Tolerant
Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips for Madwort

Native to the rocky mountainous areas of southeastern Europe, this plant grows best when planted in full sun, in porous/gritty soils with excellent drainage. Easy to grow from seed. As an alpine plant, it is ideal for rock gardens, but due to its sometimes prolific self-seeding, care should be taken to position it well away from more diminutive plants in the rock garden. Shear after flowering to maintain compact form and control seeding.

Interesting Notes

The genus name (Alyssum) is of Greek origin, coming from a (not) and lyssa (madness or rage) and alludes to the plant’s historical use as a medicinal herb to assuage insanity and mitigate the effects of a bite from a rabid dog. The popular plants sweet Alyssum and Basket of Gold were historically classified as being in the genus Alyssum, but have since been moved into their own genera (Lobularia and Aurinia, respectively).

Additional Notes