The Lovely Camellia

Camellia blossoms will brighten your garden in the late winter with large, luscious blooms. Camellia shrubs come in a variety of colors. Their flowers vary from red or pink, yellow or white. Some are mottled with more than one color like a beautiful painting. My camellia is planted just outside our dining room window where I can enjoy its brilliant flowers when it is not quite warm enough to venture outside.

Camellias are easy to grow when planted in a garden with good drainage and dappled shade or just morning sun. The north side of your house is ideal.

Gateway has 21 varieties of Camellias in stock, most full of buds and promise. These evergreen shrubs have broad shiny leaves and grow to a variety of sizes from 6’ to 20’. Camellias bloom at a time when early bees and pollinators are searching for nectar so you may see them buzzing about. If you are interested in selecting a Camellia for nectar, choose a simple flower where the bright yellow stamens are easily available. The petals on the double flowers may hide the nectar rich stamens.

The fall blooming Camellias will delight you as the rest of your garden is thinking about a winter’s nap. Choose 2 plants while the selection is broad, one for each season! Camellias prefer spring planting so now is the time to treat yourself!

Captivating Camellias