Nancy Bell, Garden Coach

Nancy Bell, Garden Coach

Garden Consulting


Gateway's Garden Coach Program

Our Garden Coaches are standing by to help you with your gardening success.

We will visit you at home and answer each and every question you have. 

Here are some common concerns: 

  • I just bought a new home and I do not know what plants I have and how to care for them.
  • Nothing grows in this spot. Help me chose the right plant that will thrive.
  • My garden looks chaotic. help me bring some order and beauty to it.
  • How do I prune my plants.
  • Help me design a pollinator garden.
  • My water garden is full of green water and I can't see my fish!

Rates: $90.00 per hour including driving one way within 10 miles.

Additional time is billed at $45.00 per half hour.

10 to 20 miles is an additional $10.00

You will be pleased. We guarantee it!

Fill out the form below and e-mail it as an attachment to:

Or come visit us at the Garden Center