Create Beautiful Soil for Beautiful Plants!

Green thumbs are twitching! What is the very best effort you can make for your garden this year?

It’s so simple..add compost! Add compost when you plant and add compost to top dress your established gardens.

Compost benefits:

  • Improves soil aeration because it is a solid not granular or liquid.
  • Provides organic nutrients, creating an environment for microbial life to thrive.
  • Compost destroys or suppresses soil diseases that can harm your plants.
  • Relatively cheap compared to fertilizers. Fertilizers feed plants but not the soil. Your soil can feed your plants without fertilizer if you make regular additions.
  • At Gateway we sell and use Bumper Crop Soil Builder, A blend of lobster shells, manure compost, worm castings, kelp, peat and aged bark.  Inoculated with endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi to improve root function.  Everything your plants need in one bag! OMRI Listed for organic use.